Tatyana Zaslavskaya and Her Contribution to the Study of Post-Communist Transformations
M. Shabanova

Mikhail Tugan-Baranovsky’s Ethical Economics and the Challenges of Global Development
B. Korneychuk


World War I: A Historian’s View
V. Vinogradov


Herzen Jr., or Why Did Stavrogin Go to Iceland?
I. Sirotkina


Medieval Nominalism and the Genesis of a New European Mentality
P. Gaidenko


Does Russia Need a Bipartisan System?
K. Simonov


Subjective Age: A Differentiated Analysis
E. Sergienko, Yu. Kireeva


Economic and Sociocultural Development Model of Russian Middle Class
M. Gorshkov


I. Economics

Debt as a Phenomenon of the 21st Century. A. Porokhovsky (ed.).
T. Leonova

II. History

I. Rybachyonok. Decline of a Great Power. Russia’s Foreign Policy at the Turn of the 20th Century: Aims, Tasks and Methods
M. Panayeva

Ye. Osipov. France’s Foreign Policy under Georges Pompidou (1969-1974)
S. Gavrilova

III. Philology

“In the same flow of life…”: Marina Tsvetayeva and Maksimilian Voloshin
Ye. Titova

A. Azov. literal Translation Deposed: from the History of Fiction Translation in the USSR, 1920s-1960s
M. Yeliferova

IV. Political Science

Yu. Nisnevich. Electoral Corruption in Russia: Political and Legal Analysis of Federal Election Campaigns, 2003-2012
Yu. Korgunyuk

V. Psychology

A. Yurevich. The Social Psychology of Scientific Activity
V. Mazilov, Yu. Slepko

VI. Sociology

N. Tikhonova. The Social Structure of Russia: Theories and Reality
Yu. Latov