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Cambridge Archive Editions Print Volumes

Cambridge Archive Editions (now an imprint of East View Press) presents a wealth of historical reference materials from the 16th-20th centuries on the national heritage and political development of numerous countries. Comprised mostly of documents from the National Archives of the United Kingdom, these primary source collections bring together historically authentic facsimile documents, as well as numerous maps, that otherwise would remain unknown, difficult to access, or fragmentary. The full Cambridge Archive Editions collection includes over 1,000 volumes with nearly 700,000 pages of primary sources and over 750 maps.

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Public Protection or Repression? Russia’s Anti-Extremism Law Enforcement

East View Press is proud to present data gathered by the Moscow-based nonprofit SOVA Center for Information and Analysis, which for over two decades has been reporting on the country’s legislation and law enforcement. As local Russian offices of advocacy groups such as Memorial, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International have been shuttered one after the other, this book emerges as a critical resource. Its publication has become even more urgent with the recent dissolution of the SOVA Center itself.

Compiled for the first time in book form, this collection spotlights SOVA’s research on Russia’s evolving anti-extremism laws. The statistics here show convincing evidence that, far from safeguarding citizens from hate crimes, this legislation harbors a not-so-hidden agenda: silencing dissent. A must-read for scholars of civil rights, post-Soviet politics, and international relations, this book also resonates with anyone interested in the development of nation-states and the strategies they deploy to retain their authority.

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