Russians on the Correlation Between the Interests of the State and Human Rights. An Empirical Analysis
N. Tikhonova

Aging Trajectories of Women in Modern Russia 
I. Grigoryeva, I. Sizova

Challenges to the Social Sciences and Humanities in Russia       
A. Torkunov


Philosophical Theory of Knowledge: Is Its Future in Question?
Z. Sokuler

(De)Construction of Identities and the Limits of Ethics
D. Aronson

Switching Regimes of Publicity: How Nina Andreeva Facilitated the Transformation of Glasnost into Freedom of Speech
T. Atnashev

Effects of Collectivization on 20th-Century Russia
V. Kondrashin

Historical Theories During the Decline of the Soviet Union and in Post-Soviet Russia
I. Ionov

The Face of the Other in Emmanuel Levinas and Aleksey Ukhtomsky
A. Belarev

Turgenev in the Mirror of Modern Cultural Studies
G. Rebel


Reviewed book: Aleksandr E. Kotov. The “Royal Road” of Mikhail Katkov: Ideology of Bureaucratic Nationalism in Political Journalism in the 1860-1890s. St. Petersburg: Vladimir Dahl, 2016                              

Katkov and His Circle
A. Polunov

Bureaucracy and Katkov
A. Mamonov


Academic Journals

Social Sciences, 2018: 1-4