“Path Dependence” and Problems of Modernization from Above
N. Pliskevich


Europeanization, Westernization and the Mechanisms of Adaptation of Western Innovations in Imperial Russia
Ye. Alekseyeva, D. Redin, M.-P. Rey


Time Does Not Exist: The Works of Yevgeny Vodolazkin
A. Magly


The Concept of Free Will in Ethics
L. Maksimov


It Did Not Work and Will Not Work? Reasons for the Failure of Anti-Missile Cooperation between Russia and the United States
A. Arbatov


Implicit Notions of Moral Elite’s Features
M. Volovikova, A. Zhuravlyov


Religious “Jewishness”: Biographical Narrative in a Closed Group
Ye. Ostrovskaya


I. Economics

V. Uzun, N. Shagayda. Agrarian Reform in Post-Soviet Russia: Mechanisms and Results
I. Byzdalov

R. Grinberg, A. Rubinshteyn. The Individual and the State: The Economic Dilemma
M. Deryabina

II. History

Stalinism and Peasantry. Collection of academic articles and materials of roundtables and panels of the theoretical seminar “The Peasant Question in Russia and World History”
A. Kolganov

III. History/Political Sciences

A. Lukin, P. Lukin. Russia Should Be Fathomed. Post-Soviet Political Culture and Russia’s History
V. Kruglov, B. Tikhonov

IV. Philology

E. Osipova. American Novel from Cooper to London. Essays on the History of American Novel of the 19th Century
O. Osovsky

V. Philosophy

A. Ballayev. Marx Reflecting
T. Dlugach

VI. Psychology

T. Razina. Psychology of Motivation of Scientific Activity: Methodology, Theory, Empirical Studies
Ye. Karpova

VII. Sociology

Twenty-five Years after the USSR: People, Society, Reforms
O. Oboremko

The Hired Worker in Modern Russia
N. Tikhonova


Academic Journals

Social Sciences, 2016:1-4