Young Intellectuals: Why Are They Leaving Russia And Do They Plan to Come Back?
L. Borusyak

The Russian Far North: Trumph over Spatial Inequality Or Expulsion from the Socio-Economic Order?
T. Lytkina, A. Smirnov

Economic Cooperation between the Russian Federation and North African Countries
S. Volkov, A. Tkachenko


Making Progress Horizontally: Current Practices of Economic Knowledge Production
O. Koshovets

Some Aspects of Integration of Legal and Religious Norms in a Secular State
A. Malyshkin

Literature Is Not a Museum: Thirty Years of Post-Soviet Literature-Time to Sort It Out
A. Kuznetsova

Solving the Riddle of a Writer’s Defamation: Why Did Nikolay Strakhov Slander Fyodor Dostoyevsky?
S. Kibalnik

Perestroika and the 1990s in Vladimir Bibikhin’s Hermeneutics
I. Pavlov


“I Never Tried to Be a Hero” Book Reviewed: Vladislav Zubok. Dmitry Likhachev: His Life and Age. St. Petersburg: Vita nova, 2016
L. Sidorova

The German Empire between 1871 and 1890 Book Reviewed: Nikolay Vlasov. The Germany of Bismarck: Empire in the Center of Europe. St. Petersburg: Nauka Publishers, 2018
A. Ipatov


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