Public Goods and Public Interests: Is There a Connection?
V. Tambovtsev


Russian Diplomacy in the Framework of the Crimean System
V. Khevrolina

Ancient Occidental Saints in the 20th-century Russian Orthodox Church Calendar
I. Semenenko-Bassin


Weeping and Laughter in the “History of Pechorin’s Soul”
V. Vlashchenko


Intuition and the Quantum Approach to the Theory of Consciousness
M. Mensky


The European Union’s Energy Security and Russia
N. Simoniya, A. Torkunov


Intangible Capital: Research Methodology
L. Belyayeva


I. Economics

V. Popov. Mixed Fortunes: An Economic History of China, Russia, and the West
K. Galeyev

S. Chernavsky. Reforms of Regulated Branches of the Russian Energy Sector
V. Makarov

II. History

I. Chikalova. Studies of Britain in Imperial Russia in Names and Publications (1801-1917)
I. Novichenko

III. Philology

A. Lyusy. Moscow Text: A Textological Concept of Russian Culture
A. Nilogov

IV. Philosophy

Topics and Discussions in the Philosophy of Russia of the Latter Half of the 20th Century as Seen Today
V. Bazhanov

V Political Science

Consolidation and Modernization of Russia. A. Guseynov, A. Smirnov, B. Nikolaichev (eds.)
V. Rozin

VI. Psychology

T. Chernigovskaya. Schrodinger’s Cheshire Cat Grin: Language and Consciousness
Ye. Sergiyenko, Yu. Aleksandrov

VII. Sociology

Val. Lukov. Youth Theories: Interdisciplinary Analysis
T. Kuznetsova