Traditions and Innovations in the Development Policy of Rural Territories in Russia: The Potential of Cossacks
E. Morozova, I. Miroshnichenko

Worldview Specifics of Supporters of the Western Path of Development for Russia in Mass Population Strata
N. Tikhonova

National Network of Academic Journals as a System: Problems Before and After Sanctions
E. Semenov


On the Identity of Russian Philosophy and Philosophy in Russia
A. Guseynov

Diversity of Russian Philosophy (FREE content!)
M. Maslin

The Philosophy of Sense
A. Smirnov

Personal Authenticity as a Predictor of Coping with Stress and the Possible Effect of Stress
S. Nartova-Bochaver

Estates System, Representation, Regionalism: Muscovy in German-Language Historiography of the Second Half of the 20th Century
I. Kirpichnikov

Bolshevik Ideological Practices and the Academia Publishing House in the First Half of the 1930s
E. Kravtsova

Vyacheslav Ivanov and the Emergence of Dostoevsky Studies at the Turn of the 1910s-1920s (M. Bakhtin, B. Engelgardt, V. Komarovich)
O. Bogdanova


Academic Journals

Social Sciences, 2023:1-4