Russian National-Civic Identity Through the Lens of History, Culture, and Socio-Political Life
P. Fadeev

Governing Emptiness, or Features of Power Relations in Russia’s Inter-Settlement Territories       
L. Bliakher, K. Grigorichev, I. Peshkov


Socio-Political Dynamics in the Age of Global Crisis: Civilizational Background
V. Lapkin

Cancel Culture in World Politics: Historical and Philosophical Roots (Read this article online for FREE)
S. Chugrov

The Islamic Vector in Russia’s Foreign Policy
A. Malashenko

The Civilizational Uniqueness of Russia, Its Fundamental Values and Historical Path: The Ideas of F. M. Dostoevsky
K. Vorozhikhina

Empire of the Weak: Power and the “Small Peoples” of Russia and the World in the Mid-19th
to Early 20th Centuries

A. Polunov

Recruitment of Polish Troops in the USSR and the First Polish Army: Problems of Ethnicity and Citizenship (1943-1945)
A. Bezugolny

The Theme of “Self-Recognition” in the Philosophy of Vladimir Bibikhin
K. Khan

Moral Universality and the Phenomenon of Supererogatory Actions
A. Prokofyev

Leo Tolstoy’s Sevastopol Stories: Spiritual Meanings of the Crimean War
M. Shcherbakova