Civilizational Features of Russia’s Development in the Context of Modern Social Transformations
V. Pantin

Institutional Trust as Social Capital in Modern Russia (Based on Survey Results)
Yu. Latov


Post-Soviet De Facto States: Trajectories of Their Struggle for Sovereignty
S. Markedonov

Thirty Years of Reforms: The Experience of Petrostates in the Post-Soviet Space
S. Zhavoronkov, V. Novikov, A. Proshchenkova

Christian Churches and the Anti-Identist Revolution
R. Lunkin, S. Filatov

Homo Sovieticus as a Socio-Cultural Type (Read this article online for FREE)
A. Yurevich

The Practice and Formation of the Individual in the USSR: Emergence and Consolidation of an Interdisciplinary Approach in the 1920s and 1930s
G. Stepanova

“Meat Is an Unattainable Dream”: Statistics and Contemporary Testimonies About Meat Production and Consumption in the USSR (1965-1985)
V. Kruglov

Moral Universality and Moral Nihilism: On the Meanings of Today’s Revaluation of Values
A. Skomorokhov

Marcel and Berdyaev in the Cultural Context of Prewar France
V. Vizgin

1847 Feuilletons as a Dictionary of the Philosophy of Dostoevsky’s Early Works
T. Magaril-Il’yaeva

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