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Civic Activism of Generations in Modern Russian Society

R. Parma

Social Health of Russian Society: Trends in Demographic and Criminal Statistics

M. Morev


Russia and India: Challenges and Prospects for Cooperation

A. Kupriyanov

South Asian Migration to Western Europe: Origins, Trends, Perspectives

A. Volodin

Can an Economic Agent Be Irrational? Economic Discourse and Homo Neuroeconomicus

O. Koshovets

Dialectics of the Counter-Enlightenment (read this article online for FREE)

B. Mezhuev

Trial by Philosophy: Philosophy in Imperial Russia Before the “Great Reforms” of the 1860s

A. Kara-Murza

Phenomenological Enthymeme in Voloshinov’s Marxist Sociology of Poetics, as Seen in “Discourse in Life and Discourse in Poetry”

A. Malinkin

Fear of Tautology as an Aesthetic and Ethical Category

A. Kovelman

“The Most Important Writer to Me”: Lydia Ginzburg on Marcel Proust

A. Teslya


Democracy as a Problem. Review of the book: Aleksandr Kerimov. Democracy: An Experience of Critical Analysis. Moscow: Norma, 2019

V. Baev, A. Marchenko


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