Religion and Politics in Russia: Events and Controversies
V. Pinkevich

In the Beginning Was the Word… and in the End the Number? Orthodoxy and Anti-Digital Protests in Russia
B. Knorre, A. Murashova


Russia and the European Union: Deferred Partnership (Read this article online for FREE)
N. Arbatova

Shaping the European Union’s Common External Energy Policy: Key Events and Results
O. Yudina

Socioeconomic Conditions of Human Capital Development in Russia and China
J. Seliverstova

Justification of Morality in Contemporary Eudemonistic Ethics
A. Prokofyev

The Photogeny of Revolution
H. Petrovsky

Konstantin Leontiev’s “Ascetic Philosophy”: Thesaurus and Context
O. Fetisenko

Politics in the Non-Political: The Ideology of Constitutional Reforms in Professional Congresses in Russia at the Beginning of the 20th Century
A. Tumanova, A. Safonov

Bolshevism and Religion in Italian Travelogues about Soviet Russia in the 1920s and 1930s
A. Golubtsova


A Social State in Contemporary Russia
Nikolay Lapin (Ed.) A Welfare State and the Prospects of a Social State in Russia: Reality and Projects. St. Petersburg: Renome, 2019
N. Pliskevich

Crimea during the Russian Revolution and the Civil War: Between the Reds, Whites, and Yellow-and-Blues
Valery Soldatenko. Russia-Crimea-Ukraine. Experience of Relations During the Revolution and the Civil War. Moscow: Politicheskaya entsiklopediya, 2018
O. Romanko


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