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European and National Identity in the Perceptions of Modern Russian Youth: The Case of St. Petersburg
E. Viktorova, D. Petrenko, N. Vlasova, E. Shishkina

Poverty of Russian Professionals: Scale, Causes, Trends
N. Tikhonova E. Slobodenyuk


Rivalry Between “Great Powers” in the 21st Century: Discourse and Approaches in Russia
K. Borishpolets

Afghanistan and the New International Configuration in Asia
D. Malysheva

Transcendentalism as a Program for Epistemology
I. Nevvazhay

Normativity in the Philosophy of Mind
D. Ivanov

The Birth of Christianity from the Spirit of the Roman Empire: A Paradoxical View of Europe’s Religious Development in the Works of F. F. Zelinsky
I. Evlampiev

V. K. Plehve and the Policy toward Jews in Russia at the Turn of the 19th and 20th Centuries
A. Minakov

“Russia Invaded by Germans”: The Story of a Literary Sensation
E. Abdullaev

Moscow and Petersburg in Tolstoy’s Novel War and Peace (Read this article online for FREE)
V. Shcherbakov


Vladislav Aksyonov. Rumors, Images, Emotions: Mass Sentiments of Russians during the War and Revolution (1914-1918). Moscow: NLO, 2020
I. Bogomolov


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