Investigating the Spiritual and Moral State of Russian Society
G. Bessokirnaya, O. Bolshakova, T. Karakhanova

Do Recent Russian Collective Consciousness Data Signal an Extraordinary Situation or a New Cycle?
Yu. Latov

Entrepreneurship in the Russian Agricultural Sector
M. Mukhanova


Why Does Science Need Surplus Knowledge?
A. Antonovski

Anthropological Turn of Virtue Ethics: The Revival of Aristotelian Ethics in the Second Half of the 20th Century
R. Platonov

Why Didn’t the Russian Federation Fall Apart in 1991?
B. Mironov

German Propaganda of Anti-Semitism in Occupied Soviet Territory (The Case of the General District of Belarus) (FREE content)
E. Pushkarenko

The Prototype of a Literary Character in the Humanities
A. Reitblat

Nikolay Strakhov and the “Pushkin Speech” of Dostoevsky
V. Viktorovich 151