Russians’ Ideas About Russia’s Possible Development Paths: Prevalence and Specificity
P. Sushko

Resource Potential of Precarious Employees in Russia
A. Temnitskiy

The “New” Russian North: A Historical Province Facing Social and Political Problems
Y. Shabaev


Platform Expansion as a Challenge to Sociology (Read this article online for FREE)
V. Radaev

Autonomy Plus Heterodoxy: On the Possibility of Deviations in Science
I. Kasavin

Grammar and Ritual in Indian Theoretical Culture and the Western Ideal of “Pure Theory”: An Intercultural Approach
V. Lysenko

The Second Plenum of the Council Under the People’s Commissar of Heavy Industry of the USSR: Retrospection (June 25-29, 1936)
M. Feldman

“Nestlings From the Katkov Brood” in the Late 1880s: Nationalists in the Empire
A. Kotov

Leo Tolstoy as a Bard of the Russian Empire
A. Gulin

Travels in Western Europe and Russia in Andrey Bolotov’s Memoirs
O. Krasheninnikova


Russian-British Relations From the Congress of Vienna to the Crimean War: Politics and Economics
A. Sokolov
Book reviewed: Aleksandr Orlov. The Golden Age of Astraea: Great Britain, Russia, and the New World Order in European Politics in the First Half of the 19th Century (1815-1854). Moscow, 1919


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