Hybrid Dangers and Threats and Their Impact on Russia’s Military Security System

A.V. Serzhantov, D.A. Pavlov

Hybrid Warfare by the US and NATO Countries: Its Essence and Aims

Kh.I. Saifetdinov

Russia’s Military and Economic Security Amid Interstate Confrontation

O.V. Rodionov, A.Ye. Nikolayev 

Strategic Deterrence as a Factor Ensuring Russia’s National Security

V.A. Kalganov, G.B. Ryzhov, I.V. Solovyov


Current Requirements for Tactical-Level Combined-Arms Formations (Read this article online for FREE)

A.A. Pluzhnikov, O.B. Usachev

Transformation of the Content of War: Outlining Military Conflicts of the Future

A.V. Serzhantov, A.V. Smolovy, I.A. Terentyev

Improving the Efficiency of Countering Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Mariam Mohammad, V.N. Pokhvashchev, L.B. Ryazantsev

Artillery Operations of a Combined Arms Formation in an Urbanized Area

S.V. Zorin, R.F. Zinatullin, M.P. Berendeyev

A System for Combating Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: New Technical Level and Integrated Approach

G.V. Yeryomin, S.N. Chorniy

Forecast of Trends in the Development of Military Assets and Their Use in Future Wars

A.S. Ulanov


Nuclear Deterrence Amid the Development of a US Global Missile Defense System           

V.V. Sukhorutchenko, S.V. Kreydin

Operation of the Logistics Control System of the CSTO Groups of Troops (Collective Forces)

A.V. Toporov, A.V. Bychkov, I.V. Murmanskikh


Enhancing the Efficiency of Artillery Fire by Using Passive Shell Direction Finding During Targeting

V.V. Kozlov, M.Yu. Mukhin

Furthering the Forms and Methods of Building a Communications System at the Tactical Level of Control

I.G. Vorobyov, V.M. Romanov

Precision-Guided Munitions for Cannon Artillery: Range Operation Results and Development Trends

A.Yu. Bezhentsev, A.E. Polyakov, V.M. Tumakov


Threats to Assets of Strategic Missile Forces From Aerospace Assault Weapons Strikes

R.O. Nogin

Index to Volume 31, 2022