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Russia Preps for Elections, ODIHR Cancels Visit (Read an article from this feature online for FREE)



Chronicles of State Capitalism: ‘You Leave Us With Very Few Option
Karasyuk: Moscow’s Inability to Deliver on Sputnik V Orders Undermining Putin’s ‘Vaccine Diplomacy’

Putin’s History: What Are the Tasks of Medinsky’s Commission?
Sinitsyn: Medinsky’s Commission to Ensure Russia  Teaches the ‘Right Kind’ of History

Postelection Context: Domestic Political Tasks of the Foreign Intelligence Service
Davydov: Intelligence Chief Naryshkin Outlines Who Is Working to ‘Influence’ Upcoming Elections

The Media

A New Kind of ‘Foreign Agent’
Meduza: Gathering Open-Source Information May Now Result in ‘Foreign Agent’ Designation


Interstate Relations

Kiev Defines Foreign Policy Priorities, Minsk – Defense Priorities, Chisinau – Domestic Priorities, But All in Relation To Moscow
Neighboring States Clarify Policy Attitudes Toward Russia


Aleksandr Lukashenko’s Crumpled Trump Card: What to Make of the Proposal to Deploy Russian Troops to Belarus
Golts: Lukashenko’s Statement on Deploying Russian Troops Follows Complicated History as Ally


Bishkek Introduces Manual Control Mode for Economy
Parliament Adopts ‘State of Emergency’ for Economy as Country Struggles to Pay Pensions, Wages

Askar Akayev to Set Off Kumtorgate
Experts: Ex-President’s Akayev’s Visit to Bishkek May Be Used to Undermine Pro-Western Forces


World Politics

‘Ukraine Won’t Join the EU in Our Lifetime’
Chizhov: Eastern Partners Unlikely to Join the EU; Big Pharma Influencing Europe’s Sputnik Stance

Baku and Washington on the Edge of Conflict
US House Approves Cuts to Azerbaijan Aid; Turkey Halts Cyprus Reunification Talks

Arms Control and Nonproliferation

‘Iran Is Increasingly Departing From Its Commitments Under the Original JCPO’
Ulyanov: Postelection Iran Slow to Resume Nuclear Talks, Putting JCPOA’s Renewal in Jeopardy

United States

Moscow Proposes Exchanging Diplomats With Washington
Russian Ambassador: US’s Failure to Extend Visas for Embassy Staff Aimed to Force Staff Reductions