Russians on Trump

Press Coverage and Commentary

No relationship has been reported on or analyzed as much as the one between the 45th US president and America’s former cold war rival. Now Russians on Trump gives you the perspective of the Russians themselves.

Russians on Trump sets out to show a view of Donald Trump that has gotten very little exposure in the American media but is critically important: the perspective of Russia. News, analysis and commentary about Trump, drawn directly from the Russian press – before 2016, during the election campaign, and after his surprise win – fill crucial gaps in the knowledge of what the Trump-Russia relationship means to both sides.

The book traces the relationship of Trump and Russia from 1997 to the present day. It looks at the personal image that Trump projects in Russia, the inferences that Russian analysts make from his statements, and the unforeseen reverberations of his policies. Fascinating, enlightening and entertaining, this collection will interest both serious scholars and anyone with an interest in digging deeper into the Trump presidency.


Russians on Trump
  • Editor: Laurence Bogoslaw
  • ISBN (print): 978-1-879944-89-3
  • ISBN (online): 978-1-879944-88-6
  • ISBN (e-book): 978-1-879944-78-7
  • Year: 2018
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 379

Table of Contents

PROLOGUE: Business, Buildings and Beauty

– One Visit, Then Another: General Lebed Tries to Make His Way into Kremlin Through the US
– Patrick Buchanan: Scandalous Strategist
– Trump Brings NY to Moscow
– Billionaire Donald Trump on Brink of Bankruptcy Again
– Marketing Florida Condos to Moscow’s Elite
– Donald Trump to Sell His Name
– Georgia Getting Its Own Trump Tower
– Universe of Billionaires
– Crocus Group Owner Aras Agalarov: A Beauty Pageant Is More Profitable Than State Construction Projects
– Donald Trump Plans to Build Office Center in Russia Similar to NY Trump Tower
– Donald Trump in New Emin Video

PART ONE: The Trump Campaign (2015–2016)

1.1 Chemistry and Spin: Putin, Trump and Other US Candidates
– US Presidential Hopeful Trump Says He and Putin Would Be Pals
– What President Trump Would Mean for Russia
– Trump Slams Obama, Gives Putin an ‘A’ for Leadership
– Odd Checks, Asymmetrical Balances
– Losing the Trump Card
– From Hillary to Trump: What the Kremlin Can Expect From the Candidates
– Who’s Afraid of Donald Trump?
– (Editorial)—Antidemocracy
– White House and Television: Who Invented Donald Trump?
– Exceptional Case
– Through the Looking Glass
– Trump as a Mirror
– Hillary or Donald, It’s All Nuts


1.2 Forecasts and Analyses
– Is Mr. Trump the Next US President?
– Breaking Democracy’s Morals: The Trump Phenomenon Makes US Politics Look More Like Those of Europe
– The America Watchers
– Russia-US Relations After the Election: ‘We Will Be Ready for a New Start’
– US Gives Another Reason to Believe Its Democracy Is Deeply Flawed
– Good-Bye Familiar America? US Foreign Policy: A Forecast Until 2024

PART TWO: ‘Black Swan’: Responses to Trump’s Victory

2.1 How Did This Happen?
– Trump Card: A Donald Trump Fan Club Watched the Unthinkable Unfold in Moscow
– Hey Trump, Come on Over!
– Actor’s Triumph: What to Expect From the US President-Elect
– Four Years for White Men
– Transatlantic Backlash
– The US Has Sneezed and Now Russia Will Catch a Cold
– In Search of a Russian Trump
– Sergei Glazyev: ‘Trump Needs Help!’

2.2 What Next? Forecasts of a New World Order
– The Shape of Things to Come
– Will Donald Trump Abolish NATO?
– Two Faces of American Capitalism
– Will Trump Tear Up the Nuclear Deal With Iran?
– How Will Russia Respond to Trump?
– What Will the Middle East Look Like Under Putin and Trump?
– Europe Turns Toward Russia in Major Foreign Policy Change
– What Are the Implications of Israeli-US Conflict Over U.N. Resolution?
– Battle of Ideas in Washington
– ‘There’s No Reset Button. We’re Either Going to Get Along or We’re Not’

PART THREE: The Story of Trump’s ‘Russia Ties’

3.1 The Trump Team’s Contacts With Russia and Former Soviet Republics
– Trump Changes Horses
– Republican Party of Regions
– Why Donald Trump Is Not a Putin Agent
– The Crimea for Lease: A Russian Trail in Settlement Plans for Ukraine
– Russian Lawyer Tells State TV She Met Trump Jr. to Ask for ‘Help’
– Kremlin Not Surprised by Media Reports on Eavesdropping on Russian Ambassador to US
– Senator Blasts Resignation of Trump’s National Security Adviser Over Russia Contacts
– Rendezvous Without Hope for a Reset
– Dancing With Washington
– Russian Ambassador Kislyak on Meeting With Trump Adviser Flynn: ‘There Were No Secrets’

3.2 Spying on the Competition: The Hacking Scandal
– Spying on Uncle Sam
– One Hack Too Far
– Attacks From Moscow: Did the US Believe in Russian Hackers?
– America Comes Out on Different Sides of Russia
– Five-Fake Report
– Watergate for Trump
– A World Without Illusions, Myths.
– ‘Dangerous but Predictable’: How Russia Spooked the World With Hackers and Prostitutes

PART FOUR: President Trump: The First 200 Days of Foreign Policy

4.1 ‘Paying Their Fair Share’: Europe and NATO
– Munich: Cold Talk
– Seducing Europe
– Munich Shows Western Elite’s Total Discombobulation
– NATO: Trump’s Burden
– The Foundation of the West Is Shaken, Its Future Uncertain
– The Whole Earth Minus the US: The Consequences of America Exiting the Climate Agreement
– How Trump Is Stealing Eastern Europe Right From Under Russia’s Nose
– The World Comes to Those Who Wait
– Macron Displaces Merkel

4.2 Let’s Crush ISIS Together: Terrorism and the Middle East
– Moscow Proposes Trump Take a Different View of Iran
– Will Tomorrow Come?
– Trump to Halt Plan to Fight Islamic State With Russia
– US Strikes Syria: Trump Is a President Who No Longer Calls the Shots
– Uncle Donald’s Show
– We Have Contact
– President Trump Pushes for ‘Arab NATO’ in the Middle East
– Trump Appears in the East
– Top Salesman
– Trial Agreement

4.3 Loose Cannons: Nuclear Policy and North Korea
– Second Nuclear Century?
– Donald Trump’s Nuclear Policy: First Outlines
– We Need an Iran Deal With North Korea
– False Calm: Why Russia Prefers Not to Notice the Nuclear Crisis at Its Borders
– Short Victorious War: US President’s Magic Wand to Wave in a Pinch
– Mutually Assured Distraction
– Nuclear Deterrence: An Eternal Guarantee
– North Korea Nuclear Crisis: Why Russia’s Attempt to Get Involved in the Big Game Is a Bad Idea

4.4 Can We Be Friends? Russian-American Relations
– Trumponomics
– No Golden Opportunity
– Russian Matryoshka: How Many Demands for Trump Can Hide Inside Putin?
– Sergei Lavrov: ‘We Are Willing to Work With the Donald Trump Administration on the Entire Agenda’
– Honeymoon
– Kremlin and White House Intent on Eliminating Negative Balance
– ‘They Tricked Us’: White House Didn’t Expect Tass Photographer to Cover Trump-Lavrov Meeting
– Lavrov Briefed Putin on His Meeting With Trump
– Opponents Shake Hands: Results of the First Meeting Between Putin and Trump
– Worse Than Under Obama: Why New US Sanctions Have Caused Panic in Moscow
– Statement From the Russian Foreign Ministry
– How Putin Expelled Diplomats and Hinted at Cooperation With the US
– After Sanctions, There’s No Way Back
– Sanctions
– ‘Trump Is His Own Person’

EPILOGUE: Where Things Stand in Russian-American Relations

– A Generation Raised on Meddling
– How the New Cold War Is Getting Out of Control
– Head in the Sand
– The ‘Russian Trail’ Saga: How Trump’s Hopes Were Lifted and Then Dashed Again
– Cold Peace and Hybrid War: How Russia Will Respond to New Sanctions
– Why Trump, Putin Only Chatted on the Sidelines
– Timeline of Relevant Events During Trump’s Candidacy and Presidency


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