Russians on Trump: Press Coverage and Commentary

Minneapolis, MN, USA. March 28, 2018—East View Press, the publishing arm of East View Information Services, is pleased to announce the publication of Russians on Trump: Press Coverage and Commentary. The book is an anthology of carefully selected articles from the Russian press related to the Trump phenomenon, all meticulously translated into English.

Donald Trump was a well-known figure in Russia long before he ascended to the presidency of the United States, primarily for his attempts to build luxury properties in Russia, and his work in facilitating the 2013 Miss Universe Pageant in Moscow. After his surprise election win, his involvement in such projects took on a new importance, particularly the relationships Trump forged during this time. But with all the talk about Trump and Russia, one crucial element has been ignored or minimized: what do the Russians actually make of the 45th President? Given the allegations of a Russian conspiracy to put him in the White House the question is more relevant now than ever.

Russians on Trump provides valuable insight into this question, offering readers a selection of pertinent articles and political analysis that have appeared in the Russian press over the last two decades. These articles deal directly with Donald Trump both as a savvy businessman and a political novice who has changed the American and global political landscape. The book explores the personal image that Trump projects in Russia, the inferences that Russian commentators make from his statements, and the unforeseen reverberations of his policies.

Russians on Trump fills an important gap in the conversation about Trump by bringing together a treasure trove of Russian analysis never before available to the Western reader in a language other than Russian. Fascinating, enlightening and entertaining, this collection will interest both serious scholars and anyone with an interest in digging deeper into the Trump presidency.

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