The Model of Hybrid Warfare
A.A. Bartosh

The Hybrid Nature of Future Wars and Armed Conflicts
A.S. Brychkov, V.L. Dorokhov, G.A. Nikonorov

The Role and Place of Russia in Today’s World
Yu.A. Gaidunko, S.P. Makarova

System of Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological Protection for Troops and Population of the Russian Federation: State and Prospects for Development
D.P. Kolesnikov, M.P. Shabelnikov, V.G. Mikhailov, A.V. Komratov


Joint Use of Piloted Aircraft and Reconnaissance and Strike-Capable Short-Range Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
A.V. Ananyev, S.V. Filatov A.G. Rybalko

Improving the Air Defense of the Ground Forces
Yu.V. Sirotenko

Shock and Fire Tactics: From Lack of Ideas to Well-Formed Foundations of Using Fire in Battle and Operations
K.A. Trotsenko


Methods of Maintaining Set Standards of Combat Readiness in Surface-to-Air Missile Weapons
D.Yu. Brezhnev

Analysis of the Environmental Situation at RF Defense Ministry’s Facilities in the Arctic Zone
M.O. Ivanets, O.V. Grigoryeva A.G. Saidov

Information Aspects of Terrorists’ Opportunities to Make Nuclear Explosive Devices Based on Comprehensive Analysis of Public Sources
S.F. Pertsev, A.N. Isamidinov, G.T. Shevchenko

New Approaches to Solving Applied Monitoring Problems by Aerial Means in Conditions of the Far North
I.V. Svitnev, A.F. Naidanov, D.S. Dudkin

Doing Away with Explosive Articles in Areas of Russia’s Maritime Activity
S.D. Yakovlev, G.A. Bakhtiarov

Methods of Minimizing Psychogenic Losses: the Genesis
S.E. Zverev, Ye.Yu. Golubeva


Reducing the Control Cycle Duration as a Major Criterion in Assessing the Automated Control Systems Efficiency
A.G. Samsonenko


Development Principles for UAVs Onboard Control Systems of Various Reliability Classes
A.M. Ageyev, A.S. Popov, M.F. Volobuyev

Present-Day Development Trends in Engineer Troops Robotechnology
M.A. Moklyakov, A.M. Bylenkov


Railway Survivability as a Factor of the Armed Forces Transportation Support Stability
G.M. Feller

Combat Moral and Psychological Support System
L.A. Kolosova, A.A. Tomilov, R.V. Belyayev, A.I. Sergiyenko

Improving the Checking of Specification Projects in Railroad Cargo Transportation
S.A. Lagunov, V.I. Zorin

Managing Logistics of the CSTO Collective Rapid Deployment Forces
V.S. Plotnik, S..V. Stulov


AVIATOR, The 6th International Theoretical and Practical Conference “Topical Issues of Research in Avionics: Theory, Servicing, Developments”
V.A. Demchuk, A.S. Bocharov