The Journal Military Thought Turns 100
S.V. Rodikov


Operational Troop Maneuvering: Multiplicity of Form
A.I. Kalistratov

Adaptive Approach to the Use of Antiterrorist Forces and Assets Based on the Practice of Armed Conflicts outside Russia
A.V. Vdovin


The Life-Cycle Contract for Weapons and Military Hardware as a Tool for Implementing a Public-Private Partnership Model in the Defense Industrial Complex
N.V. Kandybko

Ensuring Aerospace Superiority in Present-Day Conditions
A.N. Kovalchuk, Yu.I Mushkov

Strategic Thinking and Strategic Analysis: Comprehending Terms
V.A. Makhonin

Functional Training of Pilots for Highly Maneuverable Aircraft as an Essential Part of Their Combat Training
Yu. Ye. Maryashin, L.S. Malashchuk, A.A. Pisarev, I.V. Zapechnikova

Factors that Affect Combat Readiness Recovery of Antimissile Defense Formations
A.I. Vilensky


Situational Analysis as a Basis for Solving Problems of Control in Automated Systems at Antiaircraft Defense CT Posts
T.Yu. Alyokhin

Improving Software Support for the Tactical Level Unified Command and Control System
D.V. Anokhin, I.R. Zinatullin, V.V. Tsarelunga V.V. Safonov

Main Trends in the Development of a Unified Automated Control System for a Military District
S.V. Morozov, O.A. Kudrenko, R.S. Dolin


Ensuring Technological Independence for Defense Industry Enterprises
A.I. Bratchenko, I.V. Butusov, A.A. Romanov

Forming a Rational Makeup of Prospective Aviation Complexes
V.A. Khariton, A.A. Pavlov, A.M. Lukashov

Prospects of Aftersales Technical Maintenance System Development in the Course of GF WAMSH Operation
G.V. Vasilenko


Search and Rescue Support for Navy Activities in the Arctic
A.V. Ovchinnikov, Ye.V. Taranukha, V.A. Surma

Geoinformation Support for Group Interaction between Military Robotechnical Complexes: Problematic Issues
N.I. Razroyev, I.M. Rutko

Improving the System of Logistical Support in the RF Armed Forces: Problems and Trends
V.Ya. Serba, V.V. Grachev

Improving Logistics for the CSTO Collective Rapid Deployment Forces of the Collective Security Treaty Organization
A.V. Toporov, A.V. Bychkov, A.I. Tulinov