A Strategy of Hegemony Is a Strategy of War
A.M. Ilnitsky

Ensuring the Survivability of the Country as an Integrated Geosocial System
V.N. Dybov, Yu.D. Podgorny

Russia’s Technological Sovereignty as a Key Factor of Victory in Global Hybrid Warfare
A.A. Bartosh


Development of Forms of Employing Aviation Groups in Military Conflicts
V.V. Andreyev

Solving Problems of Using Airborne Troops in Modern Operations
I.A. Adiyanov, O.S. Tanenya

Organizing Air Defense in Populated Areas
O.A. Kotov, S.V. Afonin

Main Areas of Improvement in the Theory of SMF Operational Art at the Turn of the 2030s
M.L. Tikhonov

Proxy Warfare as a Determining Factor in 21st Century Military Conflicts
A.A. Bartosh

Development of Ways to Use and Counter Armored Combat Vehicles
A.V. Khomutov

Control and Adjustment of Artillery Subunits’ Fire Using Short-Range Air Reconnaissance Systems
I.V. Matviychuk, M.A. Borisevich, Ye.V. Merkulov

Cities as Key Objects of Confrontation in Modern Military Conflicts (FREE content!)
A.V. Zelenov, A.V. Vdovin


Improving the Effectiveness of the Command and Control of Tactical Military Formations
S.M. Dudko, A.A. Moraru, A.Ye. Smelov

Employment of Miniature Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in the Integrated Tactical Command and Control System
S.V. Gubanov

Prospects for Artificial Intelligence in Command and Control
B.B. Ishechkin, V.B. Ishechkin, S.V. Yevtikhov

Index to Volume 32, 2023