Nonmilitary Measures for Ensuring Russia’s Military Security
L.A. Prudnikov, A.V. Kuzmenko


Logistical Support in Combat and Operations: A Problem and Potential Solutions
A.V. Toporov, M.S. Bondar, R.V. Akhmetyanov

Methodology for Assessing the Combat Potential of Troop (Force) Groupings in Strategic Sectors
A.V. Smolovy, A.V. Pavlovsky

Combat in an Aerospace Theater of Operations
A.G. Semyonov, Yu.V. Krivitsky, V.G. Chekhovsky

Development of Assets to Counter Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
G.A. Lopin, G.I. Smirnov, I.N. Tkachov

Use of Russia’s Strategic Missile Forces in Future Wars
S.V. Karakayev

Use of Aerospace Forces’ Strike Aviation in Future Military Conflicts (FREE ARTICLE)
O.V. Yermolin, N.P. Zubov, M.V. Fomin

Forecasting the Course and Outcome of Combined Arms Combat as a Method of General Tactics Theory
P.A. Dulnev, A.V. Kotov, N.P. Pedenko


Research on New Approaches to Developing Methods for Detecting Vulnerabilities in Military Automated Systems
G.Ye. Panamaryov


Basic Principles of a Scientific and Methodological Apparatus for Assessing the Combat Capabilities of Weapons and Military Equipment
V.I. Ostankov, N.A. Krasnyanchuk

Computational Complexity of Modern Military Tasks
O.V. Maslennikov, F.K. Aliyev, S.A. Bespalov, Ye.S. Mitroshin

Development Prospects for Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and the Problem of Detecting Them
A.V. Kogtin, G.Ya. Shaidurov

Prospects of Using Aviation Artillery Weapons on Sixth-Generation Aircraft
A.V. Nikolayev

Prospects for Developing Medium-Range Surface-to-Air Missile Systems
V.S. Novikov