Assessing the Impact of the Political Factor on Russia’s National Defense Management
I.A. Kopylov, V.V. Tolstykh

Laws and Principles of Hybrid Warfare (Read this article online for FREE)
A.A. Bartosh

Truthful Power: Proving the Truth in World Politics
V.Yu. Brovko, I.A. Chikharev


The Need for Prospective Large Commands of Aerospace Forces for Point Air Defense of Top Command Levels and Strategic Nuclear Forces
A.A. Tsyganov, M.M. Debelo, S.V. Bandura

Developments in Combined Arms Operational Art
V.G. Tsilko, A.A. Lvanov

The Nature of Operations of Modern Armies: Lessons and Conclusions From the War in Afghanistan (2001-2021)
L.L. Makarchuk, K.A. Trotsenko

The Nature of Operations of Modern Armies: Multi-Intelligent Networked Military Systems and their Tactics
L.L. Makarchuk, K.A. Trotsenko

The Nature of Operations of Modern Armies: Overdue Change
L.L. Makarchuk, K.A. Trotsenko


Prospects for Land Navigation Development in the Russian Armed Forces
A.N. Zaliznyuk, A.V. Flegontov, A.A. Volkov

Status and Possible Trends of Development of Anti-Tank Missile Systems in the Ground Forces
A.A. Girenko

Automating the Operation of the Strategic Missile Forces’ Materiel Management System
V.A. Skiba, A.M. Kovalyov, A.S. Brizhan

Assessing the Contribution of an Electronic Warfare Grouping to the Reduction of Enemy Combat Capabilities
V.Ye. Kharchenko, R.P. Kalutsky

Work of Russian Radiation, Chemical, and Biological Protection Troops in Contemporary Conditions
R.V. Kiselyov

Specific Features of Controlling Drones as Part of an Intelligent Unmanned Aircraft System Based on Artificial Intelligence Technologies
V.M. Ivanets, V.N. Lukyanchik, V.N. Melnik


A Methodology for Ensuring the Stable Functioning of the Communication System, a Critical Asset of the Control System
O.A. Ostroumov