Statement by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia and the President of the Russian Federation

75 Years of the United Nations
S. Lavrov


American Absurdities
M. Taratuta

The U.S.: Great Depression 2.0
V. Vasilyev


Non-Aligned Status for United Germany: A Missed Chance
A. Bogachev, V. Chumakov

Prospects for Russian-Indian Economic Cooperation While Overcoming the Consequences of Covid-19
A. Rybas, V. Bessonov

FAO: Feeding the World – and More. 75 Years at the Service of Progress
O. Kobyakov

Beyond “Soft Power”: Humanitarian Influence and Cooperation in Foreign Policy
V. Sutyrin

The Long Road Home: Restitution of Cultural Valuables of Former Colonies as an Important Political Trend
K. Sazonova

RUSSIA AND OTHER NATIONS                    

Cyprus-Russia: 60 Years of Friendship and Cooperation
Andreas Zenonos

Mongolia and Russia: Close Neighbor Is Better Than a Distant Relative
Nyamtseren Enkhtaivan

Laos-Russia: 60 Years of Diplomatic Relations
Saleumxay Kommasith


There Is No “Sacred Goal” in German-Russian Relations Anymore
Alexander Rahr


Principles and Objectives of Russia’s Cultural Policy
O. Lebedeva

The Old Law and the New “Rights” of Belarusian Society
A. Egorov

The Transnistrian Conflict: Vicissitudes of the Settlement Process
D. Malyshev

Communication Regimes as Factors in Interaction Between Countries
V. Gasumyanov, V. Komleva

Non-Political Hazards of Global Education Policy
Ye. Antyukhova


The Philosophy of American Pragmatism in Decisions on Radioactive Waste Disposal
Yu. Lebedeva

Environment and National Sovereignty: Brazil in Danger
Marcelo Bezerra


Russification of Bessarabia: The Failed Project of the Romanovs (1828-1917)
Yu. Bulatov


Elisabeth Hedborg. Min far var rysk soldat: de sovjetiska flyktingarna i Sverige; Cold war views on Sweden. Edited by Gunnar Artéus & Kent Zetterberg
K. Voronov

V.V. Stohl. Russia and the West: The Alliance That Did Not Happen, or The Inevitability of Confrontation (in Russian)
A. Frolov

Index to Volume 66 (Nos. 1-6)

January-December 2020