“The West Wants to Eliminate Our Country as a Significant Geopolitical Competitor”
S. Lavrov


Incivility in Diplomacy as a Reflection of the Crisis in Foreign Policy Culture
V. Chumakov


Emerging Contours of a New, Just World (FREE content!)
B. Gryzlov, P. Frolov, V. Vanke

Strategies Race Between Russia and the West: An Adaptability Test?
A. Kramarenko

Analytics in International Relations
Y. Sayamov

Hypersonic Weapons: Strategic Breakthrough or Strategic Challenge?
G. Mashkov

Artificial Intelligence as a Source of International Security Threats
A. Smirnov, T. Isayeva

The NATO Summit in Vilnius: Words and Deeds
S. Filatov

A Summit of Self-Determination
V. Kozhemyakin


Japan’s Cybersecurity Policy: Past and Present Developments
P. Kuznetsov

Prospects for Expanding Russia’s Cooperation With ASEAN Countries in the New Geopolitical Reality: A Case Study of Myanmar
Ye. Martynova

The Impact of China-India Economic Cooperation on Bilateral Political Tension
D. Bochkov

Information and Analytical Support for the Islamic Vector of Russia’s Foreign Policy
S. Magomedova

The Spiritual-Moral Values of Orthodox Christianity and Islam Confront the Degradation of Modern Society
F. Mukhametshin

The Political Landscape of Iraq: The Rise and Fall of Muqtada al-Sadr
R. Moustafin

The US in Central Asia: “Non-Soft Power” Policies
Ye. Kozhokin

Kazakhstan: Foreign Policy Dilemmas
D. Malysheva

A New Right-Wing Italy and Prospects for Italian Populism
S. Gavrilova


Russia and Africa: Old Friends and New Opportunities
G. Sidorova

Dignity as a Key Word at the Second Russia-Africa Summit
I. Abramova


“Miraculously, Over the Past 30 Years, 40,000 Churches Have Been Restored”
Metropolitan Ferapont

“Art Creates the State and Makes It Civilized”
N. Safronov


Following the Routes of Russian 19th-Century Explorers in the Southern Ocean
V. Lukin, K. Timokin

A.G. Yakovlev: Consul General of Russia in the Holy Land
F. Georgi


Ye.S. Zinovyeva and S.V. Shitkov. Digital International Relations
A. Avetisyan

A.V. Yakovenko. The Geopolitical Turning Point and Russia: What the New Foreign Policy Concept Says
A. Kramarenko