The Global West and Global South: Development Paths
M. Zakharova

World Issues

Civilizational War: The Will to Win
A. Ilnitsky

Ways to Improve the World Economy (FREE content)
A. Baklanov

Global Supply Chain Problems: An Economic or Political Challenge?
P. Sevostyanov

International Financial Diplomacy and the Role of the IMF
P. Sadykhov

New Vectors of a New Future
D. Stasyulis

International Information Security: Russia at the UN (2018-2021)
S. Boiko

The Global Digital Compact: On the Verge of a Foul
O. Melnikova

Blood Brothers or Blood Enemies? Legal Aspects of the Differences Between International Law and a Rules-Based International Order
K. Sazonova

Problems of Legality of the International Criminal Court

The Special Military Operation: Unlearned Lessons of History and Russia’s Role in the New Picture of the World
V. Kiknadze

Ukraine as Collateral Damage on the Path of Militant Atlanticism
G. Varga

Commentaries and Essays

Crimea and the North Black Sea Region in the Context of Russia’s National Interests
V. Konstantinov

Another America: Turmoil Instead of Strategy
A. Grishanov

Migration to the US From the South and the Position of the Biden Administration
M. Chernykh

The Social and Philosophical Legacy of Magtymguly Fragi: The Continuity of Ideas of Peace, Humanism, and National Unity
E. Aydogdyev

Filling In All the Blanks: Rosneft Implements Large-Scale Arctic Exploration Program

Satellite Information Technologies in a Time of Crisis and Military Operations: Current State, Challenges, Future Prospects
N. Romashkina

Christian Orthodoxy as the Spiritual Foundation of Russian Culture
Metropolitan Theodosius

Metropolitan Joseph (Semashko) and the Liberation of Belarus From Uniatism: The Story of an Unforgotten Hero
B. Gryzlov, V. Vanke, S. Afonin

Priorities of Eurasian Integration and the Role of Intellectual Property in Their Implementation
F. Mukhametshin

Synergy Between the SCO and BRICS: Consolidating the Non-Western World
V. Gulyants

Russia and Other Nations

Cooperation Between Russia and African Countries: Status Quo and Priorities
A. Maslov, V. Glebov, B. Agonnoude

The Phenomenon of Russian-Paraguayan Cultural and Historical Relations
A. Kusayev


Alexander Dzasokhov Turns 90
S. Filatov

In Memoriam

Vyacheslav Trubnikov – Intelligence Officer and Diplomat
A. Azimov

Ideology and War in American Policy: In Memory of G.A. Trofimenko
A. Frolov

Book Reviews

Crimea: A History in Documents
A. Shubin