100 Years of Mezhdunarodnaya zhizn

An Era of Affairs in Russia and the World


A New World Order: Current Geoeconomic Realities and the Need for a “Blank Slate”
D. Yevstafyev

NATO Aims to Turn Outer Space Into Its Own Fiefdom
Yu. Belobrov

A Diplomatic Remedy for the Global Medical Community: Information Security in Health Care as a Topic of International Negotiations
O. Shakirov

International Information Law as a Regulator of International Relations in the Field of Information and Communication Technologies
Yu. Yasnosokirsky


Now Ukraine Will Have to Deal With Two Sovereign States: After All, the Ukrainian Side Derailed the Minsk Process
V. Deinego

State Politics of Memory in Ukraine After the Euromaidan
S. Belov

Book of Memory: Children
Ye. Pyadysheva

Reactions in Global Online Media to Russia’s Special Military Operation in Ukraine: A Statistical Analysis of Media Trends
A. Sharikov


Russia and South Africa: 30 Years of Diplomatic Relations
I. Rogachov

Tajikistan and Russia: 30 Years of Sustainable Strategic Partnership and Alliance
D. Gulmahmadzoda


Imperial Chutzpah in World Politics as a Factor in International Relations Today (Read this article online for FREE)
Yu. Sayamov


India’s Foreign Policy: New Challenges and Opportunities
S. Velichkin

France Before the 2022 Presidential Election
V. Chernega

The Impact of Pressure Groups on US Missile Defense Policy
V. Klimov

There Is Always a Way Out: A Look Back at Russia’s Membership in the Council of Europe
A. Grishanov

The International Legal Status of the European Union
D. Podolsky

The Confrontation Between Qatar and Saudi Arabia as a Determining Factor in the Paradigm of Regional Relations
I. Yegorov


Revenues From Oil and Gas Should Be Invested in Our Future
Yu. Shafranik

FAO Declares 2022 a Year of “Extraordinary Efforts”
O. Kobyakov


Historic Endeavors: On the 90th Birthday of Igor Rogachev
K. Barsky


Averell Harriman: Oligarch in the Diplomatic Service
I. Kravchenko

Soviet-Afghan Relations on the Eve of the Great Patriotic War
Yu. Bulatov

A Cross and a Five-Pointed Star: Yugoslavia’s Memorial Policy and Burial Sites of Red Army Soldiers and Officers (1944-1991)
M. Živanović


Natalya Beglova. How the Swiss Paradise Myth Was Born
S. Garmonin

Lev Klepatsky. Contemporary Consular Activities of the Russian Federation
O. Torshina

Irina Khormach. The Soviet State at International Forums of the 1920s and 1930s
M. Arzakanyan

Mary E. Sarotte, Not One Inch: America, Russia, and the Making of Post-Cold War Stalemate
O. Karpovich, A. Grishanov

A.V. Krutskikh, Ye.S. Zinovyeva, V.I. Bulva. International Information Security: Russia’s Approaches
S. Savin