Greetings to Current and Former Russian Foreign Ministry Staff on Diplomats’ Day
V. Putin

Message of Greetings on Diplomats’ Day
S. Lavrov


Crisis of Trust: The Search for New Approaches to Nuclear Arms Control
P. Sevostyanov, V. Mizin

Scylla and Charybdis: The Self-Determination of Peoples Versus the Territorial Integrity of States
A. Kagramanov

Does the UN Internet Governance Forum Have a Future?
V. Malinkin, A. Koshkin, A. Fedorenko


Russia-US Relations Under Joe Biden: Hopes and Reality
O. Karpovich, A. Grishanov

Prospects for Russia-Bangladesh Cooperation
I. Morgulov

Dialogue of Civilizations and Prospects for Cooperation
F. Mukhametshin


The Evolution of Russia’s Foreign Policy Doctrine (Read this article online for FREE)
A. Bogaturov, O. Lebedeva, A. Bobrov


Military Strategy, Foreign Policy, and Diplomacy: The American View
Ye. Kutovoy

“Information” as a Substance of Individual Being
A. Streltsov

Personal Data Protection as an Element of Ensuring International Information Security
E. Chernukhin

Yuri Shafranik’s Extensive Accomplishments: Former Russian Fuel and Energy Minister Turns 70


We Must Halt NATO’s Eastward Expansion
S. Ryabkov

Interview With Patriarch Porfirije of Serbia
Patriarch Porfirije


Contemporary Integration Processes in the Post-Soviet Space (Part 2)
M. Konarovsky, Mohammad Omar Nessar, B. Zarudny, R. Nazarov, A. Mukhin, G. Harutyunyan, A. Aganin, A. Shatalov


The Russian Empire and the Western Allies in World War I: From Attempts at Military Isolation to Participation in the February 1917 Coup
P. Multatuli

Why the History of the Great Patriotic War Gets Distorted in Georgia
G. Rtskhiladze

Soviet Peacemaking During the Great Patriotic War and Its Reflection in Cultural Diplomacy Today
V. Olevich

Work of the Russian Embassy in London With British Veterans of the World War II Arctic Convoys to Murmansk and Arkhangelsk
G. Povazhnaya

The Great Patriotic War in Exhibits of the State Museum of Political History of Russia: 2020-2021
A. Boreyko

International Efforts to Establish the International Military Tribunal: The Role of Soviet Diplomacy
O. Lebedeva


Mikhail Troyansky, Oleg Karpovich, Andrey Danelyan. Economic, Political, and Legal Compendium: A View of Latin America From Russia
A. Shchetinin

Dmitry Trenin. New Balance of Power: Russia in Search of a Foreign Policy Equilibrium
V. Kuznechevsky