Russia’s Eastern Policy in 2016: Results and Prospects
I. Morgulov

Quo Vadis, Germany? Landmarks of Recent German History
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Crisis Situations in the Mediterranean Regions
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The Yemen Crisis: A Ticking Time Bomb
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ESCAP and Transportation Problems in the Asia-Pacific
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Barack Obama’s Legacy
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Donald Trump and the Renaissance of American Conservatism
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Yo soy Fidel!
A. Shchetinin

French Socialism in Crisis
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The 25th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations Between Russia and South Africa
M. Petrakov

Public Diplomacy as a Priority Task for Diplomatic Missions
O. Lebedeva

Alexander Benckendorff’s Unaccomplished Mission and Its Lessons
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Link Campus, an International University in Rome
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V. Lukin


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The Nuremberg Trials: Lessons for Today
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