In Memoriam: Academician M.L. Titarenko (Interview with A.V. Vinogradov)


Integration Projects for Eurasia: The Approaches of China, Russia, and the United States
Yu. Morozov

Beijing between Pyongyang and Seoul
K. Asmolov

Chinese Leaders’ Approaches to Fighting International Terrorism
Yu. Khatchenkov

Japan’s Official Development Assistance Policy and Security Interests
K. Voda

The Seventh Congress of the DPRK Workers Party: Preliminary Outcomes
A. Zhebin


Integration Processes in the Zhujiang River Delta and the Role of Shenzhen
V. Portyakov

Effect of Political Interaction on the Dynamic of Japan-PRC Trade Relations
M. Demina

“Xi Jinping’s Political Economy” and New Stage of Reforms in the PRC
O. Borokh


Tibet Autonomous Region: 50 Years Since Its Formation
T. Lazareva


Academic Conference at the RAS IFES Center for Economic and Social Studies of China
Ye. Kranina

MSU Institute of Asian and African Studies’ 60th Anniversary
A. Karneyev