Final Session of the 13th National People’s Congress and Some Results of 10 Years of State Development

A. Vinogradov, P. Troshchinsky

Institutional Transformation of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization After Enlargement: Status, Problems, and Outlook (Read this article online for FREE)

Liang Zhenpeng, A. Kozinets


China’s Trade and Economic Cooperation With the World and Russia in the 14th Five-Year Plan Period (2021-2025)

D. Gordiyenko

The Basic Economic System of Socialism and the Market in China

L. Boni

Russian-Chinese Cross-Border Cooperation: Underlying Obstacles to Development

V. Kashin, A. Yankova

The Relationship Between Innovation Development and Quality of Life in Asia-Pacific Countries and the Russian Far East

N. Yegorov

Some Results of the Food Strategy of Russia, China, and Japan

N. Polyanskaya, A. Kolesnyak


“The Liberation of Russia Will Come After the Liberation of Asia”: Russian Emigrants in Manchuria (Dà Mǎnzhōu Dìguó) From 1941 to 1945

Ye. Aurilene, S. Tuzhilin

The Soviet Military Administration and the 1946 Land Reform in North Korea

V. Lebedev


Language Policy in China: Recent Fieldwork

O. Zavyalova

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