Eurasian Moscow-Beijing Axis: Challenges and Levels of Cooperation (Read this article online for FREE)

A. Vinogradov


The South Korean Economy in the Face of New Challenges

A. Zuyeva, V. Samsonova, L. Semina

Regional Development of Liaoning Province and Partnership Cooperation With Russia Since the 1990s

S. Makeyeva

Bhutan’s Hydropower: An Economic Sector and a Foundation of the State’s Foreign Policy

E. Shirgazina


Annual All-Russian Academic Conference at the Center for Social and Economic Studies of China: “New Horizons of China’s Economy: Tasks for the 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-2025)”

A. Ostrovsky


Chinese Migrants Between Two People’s Commissariats: History of the Re-registration of the Chinese Population in the Eastern Regions of the USSR (1936-1937)

Ye. Kalkayev

The First Soviet Delegation to the People’s Republic of China (September-November 1949)

A. Verchenko

The “Decline” of Imperialism and the “Rise” of Soviet Policy in Xinjiang Province: Diplomats of the Former Russian Empire and “Soviet Consuls” (1917-1920)

Ye. Nazemtseva

Royal Dutch Shell in China From the 1950s to 1990s

V. Shishikin