From Xinhua News Agency, June 2, 2023. Complete text:

Beijing – The Special Representative of the Chinese Government on Eurasian Affairs Li Hui briefed the media on his visit to Europe in Beijing on Friday [June 2], saying that China will continue to make its contribution to the political settlement of the Ukraine crisis.

During his visits to Ukraine, Poland, France, Germany, the EU headquarters and Russia from May 15 to 28, Li engaged in extensive contacts and exchanges with all parties regarding the political settlement of the Ukraine crisis.

Li said Ukraine, Russia, the other European countries and the EU have all recognized China’s efforts to promote peace, supported the political settlement of the Ukraine crisis, expected China to play a positive role and been willing to have in-depth communication and exchanges with China.

Noting the difficulties facing the negotiations, Li said it is important that someone can come forward to promote the building of consensus among all parties, and gradually accumulate and create conditions for the final solution of the crisis.

The Russian side said it has never opposed peace talks and has always supported solving problems through political channels. The Ukrainian side also expressed its longing for peace, according to Li. He said the door of peace talks is not closed.

“China is willing to do anything that is conducive to easing the situation and promoting negotiations,” Li said.

On resolving the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, Li said China has put forward a six-point proposal on the humanitarian situation and provided several batches of humanitarian supplies to Ukraine.

“At the same time, we believe that it is the greatest humanitarian action to stop pouring fuel on fire, cool down the situation at an early date and reduce casualties,” said the envoy.

Noting that concerns about the impact of the crisis on world food markets were also raised during his visit, Li said China has put forward an international food security cooperation initiative and stands ready to strengthen communication and cooperation with other parties in this regard.

The Ukraine crisis has complicated historical background and practical reasons, and its essence is the outbreak of contradictions in European security governance, Li said.

“China is neither a crisis-maker nor a participant in conflicts, but an advocate of peace and a facilitator of peace talks,” the envoy stressed.

The longer the crisis drags on, the greater the sacrifice and price Ukraine, Russia and Europe will bear, he said, adding that an early exit from the crisis is in the interest of all parties, which is also China’s aim for promoting peace talks.

“China always believes that no matter how difficult the situation is and how many differences there are, we should stick to the general direction of peace negotiations until a ceasefire and peace are realized,” Li said.