Letter From the Editors
Putin’s Message to the Federal Assembly: Rhetoric vs. Reality.


Putin Stresses Unity in National Address

Russian Counterstrike: Sanctions Against Turkey


State and Law

Constitution Abolished on First Reading
Reznik: Bill Enabling Constitutional Court to Disregard International Law an Outrage

Public Prosecutor’s Office Is Immortal
Anticorruption Fund Releases Report Tying Top PGO Officials to Corruption, Criminal Activity

The Economy

Truck Protests Signal New Kind of Social Activism
Kolotilov: Truckers Usher in Era of Protests by Those Hurt by Economic, Not Political, Initiatives

Everyone Should Be Bad Off: Why the Authorities Will Not Negotiate With Truckers
Kashin: Authorities Must Crack Down on Truckers’ Protest to Preserve Their No-Compromise Image


Interstate Relations

Minsk, BAKU Forming a Tandem
Could Azerbaijani, Belarussian Leaders Help Normalize Relations Between Turkey, Russia?


Russia’s Outpost on the Dnestr Showing Signs of Strain
Transnistria on Edge Following Election of Supreme Council That Is at Odds With President


Yatsenyuk, Poroshenko Want to End the Crimean Blackout
Kiev Seeking to Ensure Its Energy Security While Addressing Crimean Power Outage

Chinese Threatened With Prison for Electric Cable to the Crimea
Russia to Expedite Construction of Energy Bridge Connecting Crimea to Russian Power Grid


World Politics

Putin Is Late Again – This Time in Foreign Policy
Stanovaya: Putin Buffeted by Geopolitical Storms He Doesn’t Quite Know How to Weather

Imaginary Friends: Why Russia Has No More Allies
Kuznetsova: Russia Unwilling to Participate in Global Cooperation Formats in Which It Is Not a Leader

Military Alliances

The Elite Can Be Bought, The People – Never
Zhuravlyov: Russia Has Lost Montenegro to NATO Because It Failed to Effectively Engage Its People


Turkish Stream Follow’s South Stream
Turkish Stream Gas Pipeline Project Halted