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Putin Reelected by Biggest Margin Yet
In Good Campaign Company
With Russia’s Three-Day Voting Done, Putin Secures Fifth Presidential Term and 25th-31st Years in Power
Putin Garners 76 Million Voters Out of 112 Million
‘I Want Putin to See What He’s Done to Our City

What Awaits Russia After Putin’s Reelection?
Record High
Some of the Less Obvious Outcomes of the ‘Election,’ Prospects of Harsher Reprisals and Chances of Putin Transferring Power to His Daughters: An Interview With Yevgeny Roshchin (FREE content)
After The Election: The Case of Davankov, Western Reaction, Putin’s Projections


The Economy

Everything’s Frozen Except Wages: Russian Economy Sends Alarming Signals
CMASF: No Sign of Looming Crisis for Russian Economy Despite Challenges

Military Affairs

Changes, Navy-Style
Izvestia: New Navy Commander in Chief Must Handle Special Military Operation, Develop Navy

The Media

Gallows Humor
Novaya Gazeta Europe: Prankster Duo’s Targeting of Cultural Figures Proves Ties to Kremlin



Pashinyan Warns Imminent War Possible
Avakov: NATO’s Stoltenberg Goes on Tour, Finds Sympathy in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia


Beijing Ready to Speed Up Settlement of Ukraine Conflict
Prikhodko: Recent Chinese Push for Ukraine Peace Due More to Standing Policy Than Sanctions


World Politics

Not Listening to the Pope Again
Expert Rahr: Europe Divided on Ukraine Escalation; Only a Grand Bargain Can Restore Peace

Dead Ends of Insanity
Bystritsky: West, Amid ‘Cognitive Dissonance’ Over Global Power Shift, Threatens Humanity in Panic

Middle East

(Editorial) – Gaza War Returns U.S. Troops to Middle East
NG: US Involvement in Gaza Humanitarian Efforts Proves Need for ‘New Mechanism’ to Solve Conflicts


India Appoints New Ambassador to Moscow
NG: India Appoints New Ambassador to Russia, but Denies Change in Russia Policy