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Russians Suffer Heat Shortages in Cold Snap
Decaying Utility Infrastructure Increases Risks of New Accidents
‘We’re Not Living, We’re Existing’
Putin Tells Freezing Russians How Much the Authorities Have Spent on the Housing and Utilities Sector: A Sixth of the Cost of Missile Strikes on Ukraine
Don’t Expect Any Warmth From the Oligarchs

Bashkirs Protest Activist’s Arrest
‘A Man Is Being Wrongfully Prosecuted for Innocent Statements.’
One Sentence May Lead to a Few More
‘The Fact That Calls to Secede From Russia Are Not Yet Dominant Is Only a Matter of Time’

Pro-Independence Lai Wins Taiwan Presidency
Where Taiwan Independence Supporter’s Victory Will Lead
Maverick Taiwan
Ticking Time Bomb


State and Law

‘You Can Resist Much More Than It Seems’
Bumaga: With No Set Rules, Libraries Take Varying Approaches to Banned Books

Military Affairs

Medvedev Does Not Rule Out Nuclear Response to Ukraine’s Use of Western Missiles
Medvedev Leaves Nuclear Option Open if Ukraine Uses Western Missiles Against Russian Launch Sites
(Editorial) – On Dmitry Medvedev’s Statements and Their Political Potential (FREE content)
NG: Medvedev Being Used to Float Radical Goals for Ukraine War With Public

Public Attitudes

Anxiety as a National Idea
Novaya Gazeta Europe: Wars in Gaza, Ukraine Top List of Russians’ Anxieties in 2023



Sweden Gets in Lukashenko’s Way
Taratorin: As Tikhanovskaya Seeks Polish Support, Lukashenko Rebukes Swedish Aid to Opposition


Kiev Promises Balanced Mobilization
Prikhodko: Rada Seeks 500,000 Troops in Draft Bill; Experts in Kiev See Practical, Constitutional Hitches


World Politics

Trust But Verify
Karpovich: Russia Must Not Fall for Empty Promises as Ukraine Impasse Forces West to Negotiate

Foreign Economic Relations

Georgian Dream Embarks on Silk Road
Georgian Dream Travels to China to Boost Ties While Opposition Cries Foul Over Switching Vector

North Korea

Hypersonic Message
Seoul, Tokyo Link Pyongyang’s Latest Nuclear Test to Moscow Cooperation as N. Korean FM Visits Russia