Letter From the Editors
Putin Seeks to Burnish Russia’s Image in Foreign Media, but Will His Messaging on Ukrainian, Syrian Crises Alter International Community’s Perception of Russia?


New Year, New Hopes for Donetsk Basin Talks

Does Putin’s German Interview Mark Turn to West?



Kadyrov Gropes Russia
Chechen Leader Ramzan Kadyrov Calls Members of Nonestablishment Opposition ‘Enemies, Traitors’

Kadyrov’s Remarks Seen as a Threat
Latynina: Kadyrov’s Practice of Persecuting Dissenters Could Be Adopted Nationally

State and Law

We’ll Keep Up the Pressure
Prosecutor General Chaika Discusses Measures to Fight Corruption, Changing Dynamics of Crime

Case Closed
Embezzlement, Money Laundering Charges Dropped Against Billionaire Vladimir Yevtushenkov

Indefinite Presence
Nikolsky: Russia Stands to Gain From Agreement on Deploying Aviation Group in Syria

The Economy

A Country That Did Not Materialize
Russian Cabinet Members Discuss Economic Prospects at Gaidar Forum


Smoke of the Fatherland: 2016
College in Komi Republic Burns Books Published With Support of Soros Foundation



Belarussians Say Farewell to Socialism
Government Moves to Liberalize Prices on Essential Food Items


Kiev Imposes Retalitory Embargo on Russian Goods
Kiev Introduces Embargo on Russian Goods After Moscow Abolishes Free Trade Area With Ukraine


World Politics

Window of Opportunity
Gontmakher: World Must Not Miss Opportunity to Normalize Relations Between Russia, West

Too Early to Celebrate
Karaganov: 2015 Was a Good Year for Russia’s Foreign Policy, but It Is Too Early to Celebrate

Oleg Storchevoi Disagrees With Dutch Safety Board’s Conclusion
Rossaviatsia Disagrees With Finding of Dutch Safety Board Regarding Downing of MH17 in Ukraine

North Korea

Hydrogen Bomb for ‘Nuclear Kim’
Purported North Korean Nuclear Test Indicates Enduring Allure of H-Bomb

Middle East

Bogged Down in the Middle East, Russia Loses Honest Broker Image
Frolov: By Siding With Shias in Syria Conflict, Russia Losing Its ‘Honest Broker’ Image in Middle East


Is Kaczynski the Next Putin?
Preobrazhensky: New Polish Leadership Consolidating Power Through Reforms That Worry EU