From Xinhua News Agency, May 30, 2022. Complete text:

Beijing – Changes in the world are unfolding in unprecedented ways today, posing challenges that humanity must address. Across the planet, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc, the global economy is teetering on the brink of recession, and resurgent protectionism and hegemony pose a grave threat to global peace and development.

With humanity once again at a crossroads, China offers the international community the Global Security Initiative (GSI), another global public good that contributes Chinese solutions and wisdom to addressing the world’s security challenges.

Unlike some Western countries’ unilateral pursuits of their own safety, the GSI seeks common security, which underlines peace and cooperation. It provides explicit answers to questions such as what security concept the world requires and how countries can achieve common security.

The initiative upholds true multilateralism, which entails addressing international issues through consultation and deciding the future of the world by everyone working together.

Today’s world faces unprecedented risks of division. Some countries are obsessed with forming exclusive, small circles and blocs, clinging to the outdated mindset of Cold War confrontation. They pursue unilateralism in the name of multilateralism, employ double standards while extolling their own rules, and exercise hegemony under the guise of democracy. These actions have seriously undermined the international security order and exacerbated the global security governance deficit.

The GSI is founded on genuine multilateralism. It urges all countries to adhere to the UN Charter’s goals and principles, and to reject the outdated mindset of zero-sum games and bloc confrontation. It promotes a win-win mindset in addressing complex and intertwined security challenges, as well as a spirit of cooperation.

The GSI was also proposed to address all peoples’ shared desire to work together to overcome challenges and build a better world beyond the pandemic.

At the moment, the global economic recovery is sluggish, exacerbated by rising inflationary pressures and multiple crises in finance, trade, energy, food, and industrial-and supply-chain sectors.

Certain countries, on the other hand, arbitrarily impose unilateral sanctions, exercise long-arm jurisdiction, and overstretch the concept of national security in order to stifle other countries’ economic and technological progress. This has harmed people all over the world, particularly those in developing countries.

The GSI echoes and strengthens China’s Global Development Initiative, which was proposed last year, with the goal of finding the greatest common denominator and widest convergence of interests in the international community, as well as providing new support for countries in boosting livelihoods and development.

The GSI also represents China’s advocacy for fairness and justice in global affairs. The vision of common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security serves as a guiding principle for maintaining world peace and tranquility.

Today, with the combined effects of the pandemic and major changes unseen in a century, as well as the shadow of war and conflict, the significance of this new security vision is all the more clear.

The GSI also recognizes that abiding by the purposes and principles of the UN Charter is the fundamental requirement for maintaining world peace and tranquility, and that taking the legitimate security concerns of all countries seriously is an important principle for maintaining world peace and tranquility.

Building on the vision of common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security, the GSI seeks to promote the establishment of a balanced, effective and sustainable security architecture.

As a responsible major country, China has always upheld the banner of peace, development, and win-win cooperation, made positive contributions to safeguarding global peace and security, and set an example of a major country.