Military Thought A Russian Journal of Military Theory and Strategy

Print ISSN: 0869-5636
Online ISSN: 1938-257X
Language: English
Frequency: Quarterly
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The elite military journal known in Russia as Voennaia mysl’ was founded in 1918 and has been classified for nearly 70 years. Since 1992, East View has published the English translation of this journal as Military Thought. A unique source of information on the development of Russian military theory, Military Thought offers articles on Russian military reform, tactics and strategy of modern combat, and counterterrorist and security operations.

As an organ of the Russian Defense Ministry, the journal’s contributors are top military personnel and leading lecturers from Russian military universities and colleges. Military Thought publishes studies on the experience of modern war (especially local wars and armed conflicts), and includes pieces devoted to the methodology of military science, art and development, as well as special branches of natural and engineering sciences. Special attention is paid to the operational training of the army, the moral and psychological training of military personnel, and the education and legal support of the Russian military establishment.

The online archive of Military Thought (1990-present) is available from East View - please inquire for details.

Abstracted and indexed in: PAIS International Information Service, International Bibliography of Periodical Literature, Sociological Abstracts, Political Science and Goverment, and Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts. 

Editor-in-Chief: S.V. Rodikov

Editorial Board:
A.Ya. Berzan

V.N. Bondarev

D.V. Bulgakov

V.N. Buslovskiy

S.G. Chekinov

V.V. Chirkov

Yu.M. Chubarev, Deputy Editor-in-Chief

O.N. Chupsheva, Executive Secretary

Yu.Ye. Donskov

M.A. Gareyev

V.V. Gerasimov

A.V. Golovko

V.P. Goremykin

A.N. Gostev

S.V. Karakayev

A.V. Kartapolov

A.F. Klimenko

Yu.V. Krinitsky

O.N. Ostapenko

O.L. Salyukov

I.D. Sergun

V.A. Shamanov

M.V. Smyslov

S.S. Suvorov

V.P. Tonkoshkurov

Yu.N. Tuchkov

V.N. Uryupin, Deputy Editor-in-Chief

V.B. Zarudnitsky