Russia After the Coup: Politics and Economics

Perspectives From the Russian Press

This publication is a collection of translations originally published without commentary in the weekly issues of The Current Digest of the (Post-)Soviet Press (now The Current Digest of the Russian Press). These articles are drawn from the period August 1991-February 1993. Brief introductions have been added to place the materials in the context of recent political and economic developments. Each article in this collection is followed by the original Russian publication date and the volume, issue number and page(s) of the Current Digest issue in which it appeared.


Russia After the Coup
  • Editors: Fred Schulze and Robert Ehlers
  • ISBN (print): 0-913601888
  • Year: 1993
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 60

Table of Contents

Political Developments Since the Coup

– The August 1991 Coup and Its Consequences
– The Commonwealth of Independent States
– How the 15 Former Soviet Republics Are Evolving
– Surveying the Political Scene
– Russia’s Constitutional Crisis

The Economy: Gaidarnomics and After

– The Roots of a Crisis Decades in the Making
– Reform in a Year of Crises: Gaidar Defends His Record
– Gaidar Reform Under Fire: Yavlinsky’s Massive Critique
– Volsky’s ‘Centrist’ Critique: Amending With Faint Praise
– Reform ‘Regionalism’: Redefining the Workable
– What Is a Region? Study Shows Disparate Realities, Agendas
– A Year of Gaidarnomics: Yasin’s Balanced Assessment
– Vigorous Privatization Plan Seeks to Build on Solid Base in ’93
– Reform After Gaidar: Toward a New Synthesis

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