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Coming soon from East View Press! English-language edition of the renowned Chinese archaeology journal Wen wu (Cultural Relics).

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Interdisciplinary journal focused on covering the results of research and global achievements in the sphere of geography, environmental conservation and sustainable development.
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Published bimonthly in English by the China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations and available exclusively through East View. Focus is on policy-oriented research, with an emphasis on government policy analysis, both that of China and other nations.


The premier reference guide for anyone interested in maps and geospatial data.

A comprehensive study of the Chinese defense industry.

Detailed world atlas with fully updated contents, including South Sudan.
Price: $599.00 Price: $75.00 Price: $195.00







Letter From the Editors:

March 3-9, 2014

China’s Neighboring Diplomacy Demands Top-level Design

From the Archives:

Consolidating International Nuclear Safety System (No. 6, 2012)

Sergey Lavrov: The Moscow Conference: A Wartime Diplomatic Breakthrough

Russia and the West

From the Archives:

Euro-Atlantic Security: A Path to the Future (No. 1, 2010)

The Unique Geopolitical Position of Pacific Russia

From the Archives:

USA-PRC-Russia: The “Triangle” 35 Years on (No. 1, 2008)

The Nature and Content of a New-Generation War

From the Archives:

Selection of Sites for Electronic Warfare Facilities on the Basis of Digital Cartographic Information (No. 4, 2010)

The Overregulated State

From the Archives:

Conservative Revolution in the Post-Soviet Russia: Overview of the Main Ideas (No. 1, 2008)