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ISSN: 2162-2566 (online)
Language: English
Frequency: Weekly
Year First Published: 2012
Published in: Minneapolis

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Each week, The Current Digest of the Chinese Press presents the reader with a digestible collection of Chinese press materials, all in English. Selected articles cover a wide variety of topics, such as politics, international relations, security, economics, business, public health, environment, education, culture and more. The Current Digest’s mission is to provide the reader with a comprehensive, broad picture of the news published in China, be it domestic, international or related to other states of the Asia Pacific region. The Current Digest of the Chinese Press offers all readers, regardless of Chinese language ability, a much clearer and more robust view of the current Chinese reality and is a great addition to any English-language resource collection.



Letter From the Editors:

Dec. 7-13, 2015

Editor-in-Chief Interview: “Only National Interest Can Be the Driving Force of Foreign Policy”

Relations Between Russia and Europe: No Simple Solutions in Sight

From the Archives:

“I Well Understand the Russian Anxiety...” (Behind the Correspondence between Churchill and Stalin During WWII) (No. 6, 2010)

Russia and Asia-Pacific Economic Integration: Seeking a “Point of Entry”

From the Archives:

The Role of Soviet Specialists in the Development of Economic, Scientific-Technical, Educational and Humanitarian Spheres of the PRC (1949-1960) (No. 4, 2009)

Basic Trends in Counterterrorism

From the Archives:

Protection of National Borders in Aerospace (No. 4, 2012)

The Regional Dimension of the New Russian Crisis

From the Archives:

Malta-1989 (No. 4, 2010)