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Special Offer: Get a free back issue with a new subscription to Chinese Cultural Relics

  • Customers ordering a new subscription to Chinese Cultural Relics will receive a free copy of the last issue published prior to the start of their new subscription year. For example, orders placed for a subscription to 2016 content will receive a copy of No. 3-4, 2015 as their free back issue.

  • Offer applies to new Institutional and Individual subscriptions for print, online or print+online format.

  • Customers will receive the free back issue in the format of their subscription:
    • Print subscribers will receive a free print copy
    • Online subscribers will receive a free online copy
    • Print+Online subscribers will receive both a free print and free online copy

  • Offer is limited to one qualifying new subscription per customer.

  • The new subscription must be paid in full; the value of the free back issue cannot be applied against the cost of the new subscription.

  • Customer must mention the Orientations ad to receive the offer. If ordering through a subscription agent, please email to alert us of your order and ensure you receive the free back issue.

  • New subscription orders must be received by June 30, 2017 to qualify.

ISSN 2330-5150 (print)
ISSN 2330-5169 (online)

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2017 Subscription Prices
Print $575.00
Online $550.00
P+O* $625.00
Individual (US)**
Print $100.00
Online $90.00
P+O* $120.00
Individual (non-US)**
Print $185.00
Online $90.00
P+O* $205.00
* Please contact us to purchase a P+O (print+online) subscription
** Individual subscriptions must be prepaid using personal funds and are subject to other restrictions
Individual issues and bulk quantities are also available. Please contact us for more information.