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Chinese Cultural Relics

Chinese Cultural Relics
is the official English translation of the prestigious award-winning Chinese archaeology journal Wenwu (Cultural Relics). Published since the 1950s, Wenwu is well known in China and abroad for its quality articles and in-depth reporting of Chinese archaeological surveys and fieldwork. Until the publication of Chinese Cultural Relics, the information presented in this key resource has only been accessible to those who can read Chinese.

Each issue of Chinese Cultural Relics contains select content from recent issues of Wenwu. In addition to high-quality translation, each article includes the same detailed photographs and beautiful hand-drawn illustrations as in the Chinese publication.

View the Chinese-language web page for Chinese Cultural Relics.


Articles from Chinese Cultural Relics are available for individual purchase via our EVXpress service. Register your free account to search, browse and purchase content from all back issues of Chinese Cultural Relics.


Chinese Cultural Relics covers a wide range of topics, including:

New archaeological findings

Research & exploration

Archaeological preservation

Bronze wares


Ancient seals & currency

Grottoes & statues

Bamboo slips & documents
Museum exhibitions Ancient towns & villages

Inscriptions & epitaphs

Archaeology of science & technology

Featured in:

  • Archaeology Magazine
  • Fox News
  • Hyperallergic
  • International Business Times UK
  • Live Science
  • NBC News
  • National Geographic Spain
  • Scientific American
  • Yahoo News
  • Indexed in:

  • AATA Online: Abstracts of International Conservation Literature (select content)
  • Ancient Chinese Civilization Bibliography
  • Bibliography of Asian Studies
  • MLA International Bibliography

  • Reviews:

    “The publication of Chinese Cultural Relics is a signal moment not only for scholars, but also for anyone interested in Chinese archaeology. For the first time, non-Chinese-speakers will have access to the highest-quality research in the field just as it was first published in the renowned journal Wenwu.” Jarrett A. Lobell, executive editor of Archaeology magazine

    “As a curator, I am dependent on the cumulative work of Chinese archaeologists to provide these objects with biographies—to evaluate their age, provenance, context, and function. Toward this end, the excavation reports and other studies published in Wenwu have been essential but challenging resources. Their publication in complete and accurate English translation, together with clear photos and line drawings, will prove invaluable for more thoughtful and accurate research.”
    Elinor Pearlstein, associate curator of Chinese art at The Art Institute of Chicago

    Editorial Board:

    Chinese Edition
    Director: Wenbin Zhang
    Deputy Director: Zicheng Zhang
    Members: Ji Sun, Wenming Yan, Xueqin Li, Zhongpei Zhang, Hong Yang, Xin Yang, Bai Su, Xinian Fu, Xigui Qiu
    Editor-in-Chief: Guangran Zhang
    Executive Editor: Xia Wang
    Associate Editor-in-Chief: Guanhua Yang
    Editors: Jie Liu, Yanming Zhou, Qian Dai, Ran Wu
    English Edition
    Managing Editor: Garry Guan
    Associate Editors: Yuting Gao, Stephanie Su, Rachel Turner
    Editors: Xin Chen, David M. Hodges, Susan Hao, Deanna Lee, Tao Li
    Production Manager: Ana K. Niedermaier
    Translation Advisory Board
    Ofer Bar-Yosef, Harvard University
    Kwong-Yue Cheung, Hang Seng Management College, Hong Kong
    Lothar von Falkenhausen, University of California, Los Angeles
    Alexander I. Lebedintsev, Russian Academy of Sciences, Far East Branch
    Yanxiang Li, University of Science & Technology, Beijing
    Katheryn Linduff, University of Pittsburgh

    Sarah M. Nelson, University of Denver
    Yangjin Pak, Chungnam National University, Daejeon, South Korea
    Gideon Shelach, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
    Nancy Steinhardt, University of Pennsylvania
    Endymion Wilkinson, Fairbank Center, Harvard University
    Jingfeng Xia, Indiana University

    ISSN 2330-5150 (print)
    ISSN 2330-5169 (online)

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