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ISSN: 1003-3408
Language: English
Frequency: 6 times per year
Year First Published: 1991
Published in: Beijing

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Featured Content
Table of Contents for No. 2, 2014
Abe’s Shrine Visit vs. China-Japan Relations

• Foreign Aid: The Ideological Differences Between China and the West (No. 2, 2012)

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No. 6, 2012


Available exclusively through East View, Contemporary International Relations is published bimonthly in English by the China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations (CICIR). CICIR is one of China’s largest and oldest civilian research institutions for international studies and one of its most influential think tanks, with ties to the Ministry of State Security and the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. With its significant staff of researchers and analysts, the Institute has made considerable contributions to China's foreign policy decision-making process over the years.

Contemporary International Relations is one of the earliest English publications on international politics and international relations to be published in China. A primary purpose of the journal is to present the views of CICIR researchers on international politics and international relations. The journal’s scope of publication also includes papers by scholars and researchers from other institutes in China and from around the world.

Contemporary International Relations covers topics such as:


  • global politics
  • security and economics
  • country and regional studies
  • international relations
  • Chinese foreign policy
  • international relations theory

    Contemporary International Relations is the ideal resource for insight into the ever-changing face of modern-day China and its relations with the rest of the world.

    Editorial Board
    Chairman: Ji Zhiye
    Cui Liru, Da Wei, Feng Yujun, Feng Zhongping, Fu Mengzi, Hu Jiping, Hu Shisheng, Li Shaoxian, Li Wei, Lin Limin, Yang Mingjie, Yuan Peng, Zhai Kun, Zhang Jian, Zhang Li, and Zhang Yuncheng

    Editor: Ji Zhiye
    Executive Editor: Zhao Jinfu
    Associate Editors: Hong Jianjun, Huang Zhaoyu, Shen Bilian, Wu Xingzuo, and Zhang Yimeng
    Language Consultants: Elisabeth Hallett, Diana Kingsbury, and Caroline Watson

    Letter From the Editors:

    June 22-28, 2015

    Editor-in-Chief Interview: “Only National Interest Can Be the Driving Force of Foreign Policy”

    Morals in International Politics

    From the Archives:

    Russia’s Historical Privilege of Independent Foreign Policy (No. 3, 2012)

    China’s Economic Diplomacy in the 21st Century

    From the Archives:

    Little-Known Facts About Russian-Chinese Relations: Visit of the Mission of the Qing Empire to St. Petersburg in 1870 (No. 2, 2009)

    Basic Conceptual Approaches to the U.S. and Russian Strategic ABM Systems

    From the Archives:

    State Ideology and External Wars: Four Centuries of Russian Experience (No. 2, 2011)

    The European Union’s Energy Security and Russia

    From the Archives:

    The Changing Perception of the USA in Post-Soviet Russia (No. 2, 2014)