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ISBN (print)
: 1857390350
ISBN (e-Book): 978-1-879944-21-3
Year: 2000, 2nd edition
Language: English
Pages: 1,078
Price: $599.00

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Now in its second edition, World Mapping Today remains an essential and authoritative reference for map librarians and any other professionals concerned with the production, acquisition, distribution or use of maps and other geospatial data. The book gives the user access to information about the structure, policies and programs of the mapping industry within each country and provides a unique summary of the wealth of maps and spatial data available to the international community.

Almost entirely rewritten, this edition builds upon the established formula of the previous, and shows a marked increase in the amount of listed material, and in the number of categories, graphics and thematic areas. The new edition now includes:
  • New reviews of the status of world mapping and of the problems and possibilities of map and data acquisition in the electronic age
  • Descriptions of mapping country by country, including information about both conventional and digital cartography
  • Catalogue sections covering a broad range of material, both topographic and thematic, including: atlases, gazetteers, satellite image, bathymetric, aeronautical charts, earth sciences, environmental, administrative, and social, cultural and economic mapping
  • Addresses, telephone and fax numbers, and Web addresses of mapping organizations and map publishers
  • An extended and entirely redrawn selection of 350 graphic indexes


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