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East View Terrain Analysis Series
Multi-Volume Series
(hardcover, e-book, database)
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East View's Terrain Analysis Series is based on detailed analytical reports found on the verso side of the 1:200,000 scale Soviet military-topographic map series. Expertly translated by East View, the series makes an abundance of detailed local geographic data accessible to a global audience.

Each title in the series is composed of individual reports analyzing the terrain and relevant geography of a specific portion of the country. The reports themselves are structured into six parts, describing populated places; local roads and transportation networks; topography and soils; hydrology; vegetation, and climate. Following this description for each area is a full-color small-scale overview topographic map of the region under examination, as well as a full-color soil map. Where possible, East View has updated or supplemented the reports with additional geospatial and population data from authoritative sources and locally sourced content.

Titles in the Terrain Analysis Series are available as hardcover books or e-books. East View also offers each title as a fully searchable XML database subscription with clearly marked geonames. Please inquire at online@eastview.com for trial requests and pricing information.


  2003; 128 map sheets

  2014; 154 map sheets

  2015; 47 map sheets


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