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A Guide to Using the Most Comprehensive Source of Global Geospatial Intelligence
East View Cartographic
ISBN: 0-9742973-1-3
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 188
Print $295.00
Online $195.00

A comprehensive overview of Russian military topographic maps and related publications. Russian Military Mapping is the English-language translation of the current edition of a basic manual used in the Russian armed forces to introduce Russian officers to topographic and other special maps. This book is a major contribution to the literature of understanding and interpreting Russian (or Soviet) topographic maps.


This manual contains material systematized into the following major sections: general information on the Earth’s atmosphere, weather and climate, winds, and concepts of time; basic data on topographic and special maps; description of terrain types and their tactical properties, and procedures for maintaining the commander’s working maps.


The appendices contain several types of reference data, sample topographic and special maps, tables of symbols used for topographic maps, and some conventional designations and abbreviation used in combat documents.

» Russian Military Mapping is also available in digital format for $245. Please contact us for more information.


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