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Selections From The Current Digest of the Post-Soviet Press
Multi-Edition Series

ISBN: Multiple
Language: English
Price: $39.95 each

Previously known as Soviet Foreign Policy TodayRussian Foreign Policy Today is part of The Current Digest foreign policy series. The editions in this series contain collections of translations originally published without commentary in the weekly issues of The Current Digest of the (Post-)Soviet Press. Brief introductions have been added to the articles in order to place the materials in context.

Available titles in this series:

» Soviet Foreign Policy Today (1986)
» Soviet Foreign Policy Today (1989)
» Soviet Foreign Policy Today (1990)
» Russian Foreign Policy Today: The Soviet Legacy and Post-Soviet Beginnings (1992)
» Russia's Evolving Foreign Policy 1992-1994
» Russian Foreign Policy 1994-1998: Charting an Independent Course

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Letter From the Editors:

Feb. 13-19, 2016

Editor-in-Chief Interview: “Only National Interest Can Be the Driving Force of Foreign Policy”

Russia and the West: Time for Détente 2.0

From the Archives:

The Nuclear Threat Is Not a Bluff (No. 1, 2013)

Shanghai Cooperation Organization: Where Is It Headed?

From the Archives:

Soviet-Japanese Confrontation and the “Buddhist Factor” (1927-1945) (No. 4, 2012)

The Islamic State Is a Trojan Horse for Eurasia

From the Archives:

The Makeup of the Russian Defense Budget (No. 4, 2011)

It Did Not Work and Will Not Work? Reasons for the Failure of Anti-Missile Cooperation between Russia and the United States

From the Archives:

Abram Bragin and Projects for Jewish National Settlement in the USSR (No. 4, 2013)