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Military Aspects of the Crisis in Ukraine (Second Edition)
East View Press
Authors: Vasiliy Kashin, Sergey Denisentsev, et al;
Edited by Colby Howard and Ruslan Pukhov;
Foreword by David M. Glantz
Afterword by Peter B. Zwack
ISBN: 978-1-879944-65-7
Year: September 2015
Language: English
Pages: 333
Print $89.95
Online $89.95

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Brothers Armed: Military Aspects of the Crisis in Ukraine offers an in-depth look at the state of the military in both Russia and Ukraine, as well as the history, political circumstances and events leading to the annexation of Crimea and outbreak of conflict in eastern Ukraine.

Brothers Armed provides military context for and unprecedented detail about the strategic confrontation between Russia and Ukraine, bringing greater balance and detail, more candor and increased objectivity to a subject fraught with confusion, misunderstanding, and historical animosities.

In this updated and expanded second edition, Brothers Armed builds on the critical analysis presented in the first, examining the military reform efforts of both Russia and Ukraine, the antecedents to Russian intervention in Crimea, the military and political mechanics of the intervention itself, and the nature of and grounds for the subsequent Russian annexation. New essays examine what has transpired in the region since the annexation of Crimea and assess the causes and possible consequences of the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.

Second Edition
Defense News (Matthew Bodner)
The National Interest (Dave Majumdar)
Survival: Global Politics and Strategy (Angela Stent)
First Edition
In Moscow's Shadows (Mark Galeotti)
International Affairs (Andrew Monaghan)
International Institute for Strategic Studies (Douglas Barrie)
Journal of Military History (Paul Holtom)
Journal of Slavic Military Studies (Lester W. Grau)
Kommersant Vlast (Ivan Safronov)
Le Temps (Emmanuel Grynszpan)
Moscow Defense Brief
The Moscow Times (Nabi Abdullaev)
Post-Soviet Armies Newsletter (Elisabeth Sieca-Kozlowski)
Reuters (Robert Beckhusen)
RUSSIA! (Chris Miller)
Russia Direct (Richard Weitz)
Russian Defense Policy blog
Second Line of Defense (Richard Weitz)
Spiegel (Benjamin Bidder)
Strategy & Tactics Press (Gilberto Villahermosa)
Valdai Discussion Club (Ruslan Pukhov)
War on the Rocks (Dmitry Gorenburg)
Wyborcza (Wacław Radziwinowicz)


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